This web site uses the services of Pty Ltd (emanila) for management of our database and Internet presence.

emanila is a member of the Coalition against Unsolicited Bulk Email (CAUBE) and Coalition against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE). Its Coalition membership supports its long-standing policy of upholding and protecting its members online security and privacy.

The following paragraphs summarise emanila’s privacy policy statements:

emanila is not a mailing organisation and does not sell or rent out email addresses of members and subscribers to external parties.

When personal details are obtained from members and subscribers, information is given on why the data is being collected, how members and subscribers can access their personal information and how they can remove their personal information.

Individual profiles of members and subscribers are not analysed. Only aggregate data is drawn up and analysed to assist emanila in developing other services that will benefit the members and subscribers.

For full details of emanila privacy policy, please click here.